Miracles with the Holy Son

Miraculous Signs Performed With the Holy Son - If You Love, Peace Will Come

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The Coming of Love and Peace


On the path to missionizing the world, the Holy Son made the following statement: "Love and peace will come."

In January 1999, the Holy Son commissioned Pastor Jung Myung Seok, “I want you to go to Europe!” Pastor Jung proceeded in accordance with the Will.

Although many Christian countries exist in Europe, their passion towards faith has significantly cooled. It is especially difficult for people from Eastern countries to become close with those from the Western nations. In order to fulfill the Lord’s Will, Pastor Jung Myung Seok studied and came to understand European culture; he continued to approach the Europeans with love and sincerity.

On the sports field, Pastor Jung Myung Seok personally delivered water to every participant, relieving them of the scorching heat. For anyone with injuries, Pastor Jung also personally treated them. The genuine nature of Pastor Jung Myung Seok opened the hearts of the Europeans.

Finally, beginning in August of the same year, the youth from nations such as France, Germany, Italy, Britain, etc., and eastern countries gathered together, and a peace assembly of cultural, arts, and sports exchange commenced. Through enjoying peace together within the Lord’s love, the youth of this generation who took part in the assembly were able to resolve the historically accrued animosity between their nations.


Prayer for Peace Gives Rise to a Miracle


On October 31, 1999, after conversing with the priests at the Milan Cathedral, Pastor Jung Myung Seok prayed for the Catholics and the Protestants to eliminate their contradiction, saying, "They both believe that Jesus Christ is Lord; I earnestly petition for the impeding animosity between them to disappear." At that time, the Holy Son remarked, "Resentment should not exist between the Catholics and Christianity. It is only that they belong to different time periods and have different personalities and talents. Now that peace has been declared, they must become one body and carry out the Lord's work."

Exactly on the day of Pastor Jung’s prayer, a miraculous reconciliation transpired: for the first time in 500 years, Roman Catholicism and Lutheran Protestantism held a joint service of reconciliation. During this reconciliation service of the old and new church, twenty-four of the world’s clergy and additional representatives brought the total to 700 participants. At St. Anna's in Augsburg, Cardinal Edward Cassidy, on behalf of the Catholic Church, and Protestant Bishop Christian Krause, president of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), established a Joint Declaration regarding the doctrine of justification on salvation and the forgiveness of sins. While Pastor Jung was praying on that same day, the Holy Son asked him to continue to pray for peace between the old and new church.