Miracles with the Holy Son

Miraculous Signs Performed With the Holy Son - Actualizing Peace in Sports

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Sports is an Art Form to Glorify God


"Everything in motion is art; sports is the art of God." This is the teaching of Pastor Jung Myung Seok.

On June 1, 1978, Pastor Jung Myung Seok arrived in Seoul, and the Holy Son’s gospel of this time period was officially spread. At that time, in a cramped room, he preached endlessly, day and night, without sleep or rest. He prayed for many who were ill and spent time together with them.

While living fully devoted to evangelism, one day, Pastor Jung suddenly experienced great discomfort in his lungs.

The Holy Son instructed Pastor Jung, “At the conclusion of predawn prayer, you must spend two hours exercising.” Upon hearing this, Pastor Jung went to the neighboring junior high school’s sports field every day to run and play soccer. His health gradually improved, and as if possessing a body of steel, he was not short of breath at all, even when he played soccer all day long. Six months later, the doctor informed him that his health had fully recovered.


Studying and Educating About Life Through Soccer


The Holy Son informed Pastor Jung Myung Seok, "Sports is also art, so glorify God through soccer!"

Pastor Jung took action on this Word by playing six rounds of soccer every day. Every year, he would compete in 100-120 games, glorifying God through sports.

While playing soccer, Pastor Jung is not merely playing soccer; rather, he is learning the methods to lead God’s history and to live one’s life. Furthermore, Pastor Jung educates the CGM members with the events unravelled through sports.

Achieve World Peace Through Peace Soccer

Pastor Jung places great emphasis on Peace Soccer. He expressed, "More important than defeating your opponents is striving for peace, harmony, and good health.  You must view your opponents and the ball as your beloved one."

Pastor Jung Myung Seok advocates that with this mentality in mind, we will be able to actualize love, achieve world peace, and induce the culture of peaceful soccer. At the same time when Pastor Jung was promoting Peace Soccer, God worked upon Korea and Japan, enabling the two nations to resolve their hatred and animosity, allowing them to co-host the 2002 World Cup, and God helped South Korea enter the semi-finals.

Beginning in 1999, Pastor Jung held annual International Peace Soccer Conferences. Organizing these festivals of harmony and peace has enabled people all over the world to conduct exchange through sports and culture. During the 2002 South Korea and Japan Soccer Cup, volunteer services were actively promoted. In August 2002, Pastor Jung Myung Seok held the 6th Annual World Village Peace Culture Joint Conference at the Daejeon World Cup venue. That day brought together some 200,000 viewers worldwide, achieving the greatest vision of peace and love.