Arts Group (CGM AG)

Arts Group Orginization

Pastor Jung Myung Seok, the founder and president of Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) said, “We are like the renowned King David in the Bible, who always gave glory to God by singing, playing instruments, and dancing whether in good times or adversity, without caring what others thought of him.” The Arts Group members express the inner world of believers through artistic creations and performances.


CGM’s Arts Group consists of multiple arts groups:

Music Ministry: Peace Symphony Orchestra, Peace Choir, Composition Department, and Honor Guard of CGM

Dance Ministry: Hip-Hop Department and Cheerleading Department

Aesthetics Ministry: Arts Design Department and Multi-media Department

Fashion Ministry: Modeling Department and Style Department

Art Performance Ministry: Performing Arts Department, Stage Planning and Technical Support Department


The Arts Groups aim to not only showcase the versatile artworks and activities created by God through mankind, but also to glorify the almighty God for His creation and generosity.