Peace Symphony Orchestra (CGM PSO)


Music Ministry: the fundamental spirit of music: Give glory to God

CGM Music Ministry is a broad area of ministry, which currently encompasses CGM Peace Symphony Orchestra, CGM Peace Choir, the Composition Department of CGM, Marching Band and Honor Guard of CGM. There are some professional musicians, but the majority are youth and college students who share the same philosophy and passion for music. Although each team in our Music Ministry has only been around for a short period of time, they all have a lot of stage experience, ranging from the National Concert Hall performances to various performance venues all over Taiwan. We are planning on doing cultural exchanges through multinational music festivals in the future.

Whether on tour giving performances on campuses, at charitable events, gospel concerts, or producing albums, CGM Music Ministry covers a wide range of music genres including classical, pop, alternative, sacred music, etc. No matter what their music specialty is, each team strives to bring fresh energy to the community through this diverse music ministry, by engaging with social and cultural activities and collaborating with social and cultural groups.


Peace is love. If you don’t love, there will not be peace. It is normal to love those who have done well; it is not a “miracle.” To love and to live in peace with those who have not done well and with those who are unworthy, that is  a “miracle.”


Christian Gospel Mission Peace Symphony Orchestra (CGM PSO)

Ever since the Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) was established in Taiwan, its founder, Pastor Jung Myung Seok, has been committed to promoting artistic innovation and cultivating talent in the younger generation. With his encouragement, CGM members recruited professional musicians who share the same philosophy and passion for music to form the CGM Peace Symphony Orchestra. Starting as a chamber ensemble with just a few members, they continued to grow and ultimately developed into the CGM Peace Symphony Orchestra in 2013 after more than 10 years of expansion.

For many years now, the Peace Symphony Orchestra has been regularly doing feature performances at various events organized by CGM. Whether with modernized classics or brand new productions, they have touched the hearts of their audience with their unity and passion in performances. Their repertoire includes classical and contemporary music. In addition, they also attempt to give experimental, creative and diverse performances incorporating multimedia, dance, theatrical movement, etc. The orchestra is accompanied by a mixed choir and children’s choir,  with the hope of fostering more harmony and happiness in the community through the making of good music .