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CGM National Peace Tournament: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea Teams Compete_ [Union News]

CGM National Peace Soccer Tournament, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong Teams Compete on the Same Field
CGM National Peace Soccer Tournament, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong Teams Compete on the Same Field
News Source: Union News

Assembling a group of organizations to promote soccer in Taiwan, the main host, Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) Taiwan’s Soccer League, pooled together Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korean players from the Cheetah Gospel Soccer Club and the Taipei Joy Soccer Association to organize an international soccer carnival. Many soccer celebrities attended the opening ceremony, including Chinese Taipei National Football Team’s Head Coach, Kuroda Kazuo, and Technical Director, Mr. Watanabe, among others.

It has been over a decade since CGM Taiwan Soccer League first started in 2001. This year, 19 men’s teams and 9 women’s teams registered for the “CGM National Peace Soccer Tournament,” breaking the record for the most adult soccer teams registered for a single Taiwan league. Even during global competitions, it is hard for the Chinese Taipei National Football Team to face Japan and Korea, who are strong opponents, but through the CGM Taiwan Soccer League, the countries are able to regularly meet as friends and learn skills from one another.

Captain of the CGM Taiwan Soccer League, Chun-yen Yang, said, “The Founder and President of CGM, Jung Myung Seok, once said that soccer is the sport that is loved by the most people in the world. Peace between nations of the world must be achieved by utilizing a similar culture; therefore, CGM Soccer League advocates peace soccer. We do not play soccer for victory, but for peace.”

Chinese Taipei National Football Team's Head Coach, Kuroda Kazuo, expressed that, while Taiwan does not have an active soccer culture, he was very touched after seeing the competitions held by CGM Taiwan’s Soccer League. He acknowledged their methods of nurturing the youth to enjoy soccer at a young age and CGM’s promotion of peace soccer in their soccer development history of over 10 years.

In order to enhance Taiwan’s soccer atmosphere, the annual competitions have been conducted like a carnival, preparing events such as fun soccer games, hand painting, food stalls, etc. for the spectators and the cheerleaders. This allows both adults and children to enjoy themselves. The passion of the public also influenced the weather: the rain stopped in the afternoon, closing this soccer exchange on a good note.