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Dreams Achieved With Love Public Welfare Concert by CGM & Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation

Public Welfare Concert: CGM & Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation Achieves Dreams With Love

The Christian Gospel Mission's Peace Symphony Orchestra and Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation will collaborate in the upcoming public welfare concert held on February 26 at the National Concert Hall. Pastor Jung Myung Seok, the founder of Christian Gospel Mission (CGM), said, “Due to our purpose of providing social care and celebrating Syin-Lu Choir's 20th anniversary, CGM's Peace Symphony Orchestra specially invited Syin-Lu’s young people to overcome their physical and mental limitations, and stand on the national professional stage for the very first time.” They challenged themselves and transferred their efforts into the most vibrant music, and performed in such a moving way that the hearts of the audience would be warmed and inspired.

Jung Myung Seok pointed out, “The concert scores are rich and diverse, including the well-known sacred classic -- Messiah by Handel, the calling of the lover from the romantic movement -- Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 54 by Schumann, and the original works of CGM -- Natural Temple and Unshaken by the Wind. Additionally, the concert will feature Taiwan folk songs such as S’Yue Wang Yu, Hakka folk song - Da-Pu Tune, and aboriginal song - Tai-ba-lang. The CGM's Peace Symphony Orchestra has invited the pianist Jung Unjong who was the soloist in the 250th anniversary of Mozart in Germany, and toured Germany and Salzburg. The soprano Joo Cheon-Hua, the Chairman of the Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia Joint Vocal Musicians Association, was also invited to bring to the audience a brilliant concert. Through an unprecedented musical integration of various ethnic cultures, the audience will be able to feel the peace and harmony in their soul and hearts.

Jung Myung Seok said, “Since 2016, CGM and the Peace Symphony Orchestra began to hold public welfare concerts. The difference between this concert and others is the CGM’s public welfare concert tries to change the stereotype of how the public perceives vulnerable groups, allowing the public to see the confidence and determination of the Syin-Lu Choir. For each paid concert ticket, 10 NTD will be donated to the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation. Please support CGM’s public welfare concert. For more information, please refer to the CGM's official website.

(Content by CHIN-TIEN CHEN/Image by CGM)

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