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Love, No Boundaries, No distances: Care for Stateless Children and HIV Babies

Beginning from the far left is CGM’s director, Rui-hua Su, the caring ambassador Yun-jie Cai, Harmony Home’s promotion manager, Li-kai Guo, and CGM J4U Volunteer Group’s director– Mei-xiang Tang

Christian Gospel Mission’s J4U Volunteer Group joins the public to speak out in support of the stateless children and HIV babies at Harmony Home. Through social media and running fundraisers, donations were gathered in hopes of drawing more attention to these newborns in Taiwan. Caring ambassador, Yun-jie Cai, who adores children, was invited to interact with the children, together with the event host, Xing-guang. They publicized that the public need not be afraid of being in contact with HIV babies, and they spoke on behalf of the children who could not speak for themselves.

Fifteen stateless children from Harmony Home were invited to attend this fundraising event. The event’s theme was “Joyful Carnival.” It began with a magnificent orchestra performance and a marching band to cheer on the runners. On the sidelines, there were temporary castles built for children, as well as body painting booths, which enabled children to feel the joy of the carnival. There were also children art exhibitions and a booth for health check-ups, which enabled children and the public to experience a “zero-distance” public service. The director of Harmony Home, Li-kai Guo, said, “I am so happy to see so many people coming together to care for the needs of minority groups. It is more important to care about the people who are next to us in our daily lives.” All of the collected donations and proceeds from the fundraising activities were given to Harmony Home.

Harmony Home was established in 2003. The founder, secretary general Yang, started participating in activities of looking after HIV people, ever since her friend got infected with HIV. In recent years, other than helping HIV adult patients, Harmony Home has also taken care of foreign workers’ babies who had been born stateless in Taiwan. Harmony Home has become the shelter for stateless children and vulnerable groups. In Taiwan, Harmony Home cares for more than 300 children, among which more than 70 need to be nursed. The basic living expense per month is nearly 7 million to 8 million NT dollars, and currently, its main source of funding is through public donations. However, much resources are still needed. The hosting of one fundraiser run is not the end, but the start of giving a voice for the children. We hope that more people can lend a hand to them because of love.


Referenced: from PChome News