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CGM Gives Care to Stateless Children

Christian Gospel Mission’s Morning Light Volunteer Group (Volunteer Group) volunteered at the Wenshan Shelter for Women and Children of Harmony Home Association, Taiwan (Harmony Home) in Wenshan District and became one-day parent volunteers for nearly 60 stateless children. The volunteers interacted with children one on one and gave warmth, laughter and boundless love. 


The average age of the stateless children at Harmony Home is zero to three years old. The parents of these children do not have Taiwan citizenship and are not in formal marriage relationships. Hence, their children also cannot be Taiwan citizens, making it difficult to for them to receive government subsidies or medical treatment.


The Volunteer Group called on caring mothers to prepare delicious and healthy meals for the children at Harmony Home. The volunteers also played games with them, hoping that these children can get necessary nutrition and care for their growth.


The Secretary General Nicole Yang expressed, “Harmony Home is helping those who are disadvantaged and unable to obtain social support such as these stateless children. Harmony Home also provides assistance to those without personal identity, as they are helpless if sued, are sick or pregnant. They have no family, friends or any support in Taiwan. The government is unable to assist those marginalized. It is the people who must find the means to resolve these issues. I hope that society can join in on the efforts made by Harmony Home by donating and taking action.”


From the time Morning Light Volunteer Group of the CGM is founded, the Volunteer Group has promoted as services in the form of giving educational advice to 12th grade high school students, beach cleanups, volunteering in children’s homes, running for charity and held charitable events in aboriginal communities etc. There will be a charity run to be held on June 25, to promote greater awareness of Harmony Home, provide actual help to the needy and to raise money.


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Referenced: from Youth Daily News, reported by Yi-ting Lo