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Chorus of 100 singers perform Leonard Bernstein's Hebrew work, "Chicherster Psalms', in memory of Bernstein_ [SETN]

Caption: Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) Gives "The Festive Trumpet" Concert at National Concert Hall
Caption: Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) Gives "The Festive Trumpet" Concert at National Concert Hall

The CGM Peace Symphony Orchestra made its third appearance on the stage of the National Concert Hall, performing a concert on March 12th, 2018, titled “The Festive Trumpet”.

This year coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Jewish American musician Leonard Bernstein. Christian Gospel Mission Peace Symphony Orchestra challenged themselves by singing the famous "Chichester Psalms" in full Hebrew for the first time in memory of this great man of music. Composed with both classical and modern stylistic themes, it has dramatic tensions and conveys praise for the Creator and peace.

Also featured in the concert were choral works by Korean composer, Mr. JUNG Myung-Seok, who was also born in the background of war. One can feel the love for God and life in his works.

The musicians also performed a famous work by the Russian composer, Shostakovich titled “The Festive Overture”, a piece created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia. This work also has a festive atmosphere full of glory and victory.

The work "The Call of the Age" created by Taiwan's new generation composer LIN Chun-Hui depicts the feelings of God for people. The music has an oriental tone and features Chinese instruments to add to its effect.

The Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) has long been dedicated to promoting culture and art. They invited the students of Physical Education Class from Meilun Junior High School in Hualien to join the concert, offering these students their first opportunity to watch a live concert at the National Concert Hall.

Re-hwa Su, Chairman of CGM stated: "In addition to sports, if these children get to experience the grace of art, then the development of their body and soul will be more sound.” In hope that "The Festive Trumpet” Concert would bring a rich spiritual, musical feast for this group of lovely teen athletes, he is look forward to injecting more harmony and happiness into our society through good music.

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