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Supertv Exclusive: Blooming of a New Era - The Path of a Management Consultant

Testimony: The Path of a Management Consultant


Once a poor kid with nothing at all. Because of the Lord's love, became a Management Consultant who everyone looks up to at the age of 21
Leo Lin, meeting the Lord on the path of my dreams

Ever since I was little, my dream was to become a CEO of a large firm.
But due to my environment of growing up, I became a very materialistic person.
A person who always prioritizes his own interests over others.
Materialism has always been my only purpose.
When I was in college, I put a lot of effort in finding all kinds of opportunities and attended all kinds of
business school's lectures.
Even though I learned a lot from these lectures, I never found the method that leads to success.
Eventually, I felt worried about my life direction and the dreams that I was chasing.
At that time, when I left my home to study in Taipei, I didn't have much money and I didn't know anybody there either.
So, I was mostly alone having a meal only now and then.
Good thing that there was a church friend who was very generous and shared most of my rent when I was living in Taipei.
This church friend was also very patient and attentive and he put a lot of effort in teaching me.
One time, I was very upset and yelled at him, “Why bother caring about me? I've never really listened to you!”
I was just saying whatever came to my mind.
But he laughed and replied, “because within Providence, Pastor Jung Myung Seok who taught me God's Words takes action like this way.

Rather than thinking it is me who's taking care of you, realize it is God who works through me to take care of you.”
However, I could not feel God at that time.

But one night, when I was heading out to get dinner, I only found 20 NTD (less than 1 USD).
I really wanted to blame God.

Instead, I remembered a phrase my church friend constantly told me – “when I am praying for you, I always feel that the Lord is right by your side.”
So, I thought if God really loves me, HE will probably feel upset seeing me like this.
Then I remembered – “What God expects the most, is the response of love.”
So, I strove to utter the Words, “Lord, I love you!”
I have never cried before.
But for the first time hot tears flowed down my cheeks.
At that moment I realized that even a person like me who has never had a friend and who was always neglected by my parents, I still had someone who cherishes me.
I realized that the Lord really does love me.
My church friend was right.
The Lord worked through him to love me and take care of me.
I realized my purpose of living was to love from that day forward.
I used the strength I received that day to start living a changed life.
From my heart, mind, and thoughts to my daily life.
I started to change every bit of myself.
Eventually, the hard work I put into my studies paid off.
I achieved the highest GPA since the establishment of the department (of finance).
[The year’s highest average grade in the Department of Finance at NCCU]

At the same time, I was also selected as the teaching assistant for the Minister, Ministry of Finance and President of Standard and Poor's Asia at the NCCU.

[The world's largest International Business Studies Honor Society the only representative of NCCU]

Currently, I am working at a well-known management consulting firm in Taipei 101as an consultant.

My firm has never have hired a college student before, but was willing to give a college senior like me the role of a consultant.
I worked hard to catch up to my peers.

Within less than an year, my manager commended me as the benchmark among my peers.
I was the first intern who was able to receive this honor.
Everything I have is due to the learning of God's Words.
It allowed me to focus more on practicing at a higher level.

When my efforts receive better feedback, I thank God even more and God then gives me even more blessings.

I also started learning how to give and care for the people around me.
This wasn't easy for a person who used to be cold and realistic

[Yuan Hao speaking of Jian Liang's change after knowing God]
He used to never smile.

The only thing on his mind was how to get higher grades in order to become successful in the future.
After learning the Word of God, I felt that he has completely changed.
He is now a person who likes to help others.
He shares the stories of how God worked upon him and he also treats others with the love of God.
He has turned into a loving person.

[Leo Lin]

As my heart is filled with the love of the Holy Spirit.
I am living a happier life through these efforts.

And now, God’s dream has become my dream.
I’m Lin Jian Liang, Leo.
The beginning of change is because of love, and by putting His word into practice.
I met God on the path of my dreams.

[And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great. Job 8:7 ]