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Supertv Exclusive: Blooming of a New Era - Village Child's Engineering Dream

The Man of Great Faith: Creating Life-masterpieces With God's Love

[Host: Tzu-chen Huang]

What kind of power enables young people to resist the dark and fallen culture and return to faith?

Today I would like to introduce the founder of CGM (Christian Gospel Mission) who is a development expert. Through the Word of God, let's see how he develops and nurtures ordinary people like you and me to walk toward success.


Testimony: Village Child's Engineering Dream

My Dream: How a child from a military dependents' village became a National Outstanding Electrical Engineer
Fu-ming Tsou, the Top Ten Most Outstanding Youth Electrical Engineers

I came from a military dependents' village in rural Tainan.

It wasn't a very advanced village.

So, the education levels were quite low.
Among my peers, around five out of 10 of them caused troubles and picked fights.
Most of them either chose to study in a vocational high school or to attend a military school.
I was the only one who studied in a high school.

I was also the only one who went to university.
Because I grew up in that kind of environment, my dreams were considerably small.
After graduating from Tainan First Senior High School, my outstanding grades surprised everyone.

I got into NTU's dept. of Electrical Engineering.

And within God's grace, I directly went to graduate school after graduating from the undergraduate.
After graduating from grad school, I thought to myself, this is probably as far as I can go.
Now, I should start to look for a job.
But God had a different plan.

During the job hunting process, I encountered a lot of difficulties and obstructions.
I felt a lot of pressure at that time.
Because among my classmates, some didn’t serve in the military and the females had already found good jobs.
So, my pastor encouraged me to get a Ph.D..

Originally, getting a Ph.D. was never a part of my plans.
But while I was praying, God gave me a strong inspiration.
So, I decided to continue my path of studying.
During the time I was studying for my Ph.D., I realized how to unify faith and daily life and to apply this attitude at my workplace in the future.
But to be honest, it's not easy to maintain a good faith and daily life.
When my colleagues get off work, they would go study languages, have fun, go shopping, relax and so on.
But, in the same time, I chose to run church events.
In the process, I hope to get closer to God.

One day my manager suddenly asked me if I had reached age forty or not.


[Wife, Hsin-ying Li]
He wanted to recommend me to apply for the Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering's Outstanding Youth Electrical Engineer.

[Fu-ming Tsou]
My first thought was, “Quit playing with me. Do I look like I have a lot of time? Why are you finding more work for me to do?”

[Wife, Hsin-ying Li]

He told me the news with an exhausted tone.
He came home very late that night.
I thought, “wow, this is wonderful!
What if you really do receive the award?
Wouldn't that be a great testimony!”

[Fu-ming Tsou]
So, the next morning when I prayed in the predawn, I repented to God for feeling burdened in the beginning.
The next day when I went into my office, my manager handed to me the resume of a previous applicant.

He told me that I could use it as a reference when writing my work contribution.
I really thank God because of this sign that Lord gave me.
I was able to write a well written, complete resume and work contribution.
However, I still doubted whether I would be selected since I wasn't a professor.
I didn't think I would have the chance.
Probably nobody would notice my application.
This is what I thought.

Then on October 24th, while I was waiting for the bus, I turned on the computer.
I checked my email, and I was surprised to discover that
I was elected as the Outstanding Youth Electrical Engineer!
I knew my company's president was a member of the review committee of the CIEE.
Therefore, I thought it was due to his recommendation that I could be elected for the award.
However, he told me afterwards that, “it was difficult for you to get elected because on the day of the examination, I was out of the country, so I didn't have the chance to recommend you.”

I was so shocked and realized that this was really the work of God.

[Outstanding Youth Electrical Engineer Award of year 2013]
[Outstanding Youth Electrical Engineer Award Ceremony]

If it wasn’t for God, none of this could have happened
I am grateful to God for all of this and thankful to Pastor Jung Myung Seok who taught me about God whenever I met difficulties.

He taught me to hold on to the words.
Only faith can be my strength and enable me to receive more blessings than I could have dreamt of.
The Lord is truly a living Lord.
He truly works while observing our hearts.
I give all glory to the Lord, Hallelujah!