Beach Clean Up, Total of 307.9 Kgs of Trash_[YAHOO!]

April 22, 2019

On 9 am, April 20th, the Bureau of Environmental Protection of Keelung City and National Taiwan Ocean University jointly hosted the 2019 Guarding Shore Keelung: Pure-fect Spring Environmental Education Coastal Cleanup Initiativeat the Small Marina Shore close to National Taiwan Ocean University. Present too, was an environmental protection dissemination program by the government. Eight enterprises, schools, and organizations, totaling 380 volunteers busied themselves with the cleansing of the Small Marina Shore. After 269 kilograms of trash and 38.9 kilograms of recyclables (a total of 307.9 kilograms), the shoreline finally regained its original appearance.

The theme of the coastal cleanup was to promote the general public’s further understanding of oceans, and to extend this trend and enthusiasm of beach cleaning to our daily lives: cutting down plastics usage from the very beginning, and encouraging citizens to engage in casual beach cleanups whenever in its proximity.

This event was specifically aimed at juvenile volunteers below elementary school to enlighten them with an innovative environmental education course about interaction and solicitude for nature, in hopes of introducing Taiwan’s rich and heterogeneous marine biota to more citizens.

This coastal cleanup was ardently partaken by numerous groups and organizations from many circles, listed as follows: Xiehe Power Plant, Taiwan shipping companies Keelung Plant, Ching-hai-wu-hsiang Global Foundation, Hsiang-ho Charity Group, National Taiwan Ocean University, Chang-tan Social Development Welfare, Keelung haixing Swimming Association, Red Cross Society, Newsys Environmental Tech. Inc, Xindian Refuse Incineration Plant, Private Island Restaurant, Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health, New Taipei Happy Dancing Group, True Light Keelung Spiritual Volunteer Center, ECOVE Environment Corporation, Christian Gospel Mission, Shishang Discovery Co., Ltd.