Love Sports

The Athletic Spirit of Love and Peace

Love the Lord Basketball Cup Finals

August 20, 2016

The Rio Olympics craze touched audiences throughout the world; this beautiful athletic spirit spread further to burn fierily on Taiwan’s basketball courts. On the afternoon of Aug. 20, at the Love the Lord Basketball Cup Finals at Takming University of Science and Technology, in order to demonstrate love, peace, and the athletic spirit, a group of young people put victory and glory on the backseat. They did not contend for the victory of individual teams, but put forth effort only for that athletic spirit (of love and peace). The participating players expressed, “I won a victory that transcends the scoreboard. I believe that victory is harmony and unity. That is what is most important. I actually lost the game today, but if our team is united and the atmosphere is good, then I believe that is true victory.”

With the passionate cheerleading team cheering from the sidelines, the final competition was intense and the scores were very tight; they continued to tie even into overtime. Under this nervous atmosphere, a female referee - which is rarely seen on the field - was spotted. The referee expressed, “If the referee misjudges (a play) or if a player fouls when the whistle blows, usually the players would get somewhat emotional, but because the Love the Lord Cup promotes and encourages love, peace, and giving glory to God, the players are more careful with their actions and emotions when the whistle is blown. This is very different from other tournaments where the players often exhibit rough and violent behavior when fouls are called.”

Each pass, each dunk contained the heart of giving glory to God. If some players fell or got hurt, the other players would support them and help them stand up again. The audience members were touched and moved as they saw the players’ unceasing and persevering fighting spirit. At the end of the match, CGM's Heavenly Fortune Church won the championship by three points. A player on the winning team expressed, “After I subbed in to play, I made a mistake. I prayed to God asking Him to tell me my lacking areas; I hoped to continue to grow and work hard. I really wasn’t confident in myself. The last point I had scored in the last quarter really was a miracle. I felt that God was trying to tell me something, and also to give me some self-confidence.”

Organizing representative, Yuan-pei Chen, expressed that the Love the Lord Cup Basketball Match was personally founded by President Jung Myung Seok. It is called the “Love the Lord Cup” in hopes that the entire process of the game is one of loving the Lord. Regardless of whether you win or lose, it is only a process of life. From the very beginning, players received the education that winning is not the purpose; demonstrating love and peace on the field is the purpose. This match did not evaluate victory or defeat based on the score or technique. Rather, the winners were the players who persisted until the very end and challenged their own limits. In the course of the match, aside from training their mentality, the players also learned the importance of harmony; thus showing others the most beautiful athletic spirit - the spirit of love and peace.