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Repeat persistently - the superhero mentality.
Taekwondo performance art.

Advocate the Taiwanese Spirit: We are the Superhero Martial Arts Group

December 21, 2013

Taekwondo enabled this tiny island, Taiwan, to become globally known, and come first in the world. The reason lies in none other than their “mentality.” It is the “mentality” that allows the Taiwanese to overcome environmental and bodily limitations, and shine brilliantly in the end.

A group of children who loved taekwondo, gathered together at church to practice. They fell numerous times on the practice mats, applied medication to their wounds and bruises, and quietly wiped away their tears. Each day was a battle, and in a competition without an audience, the opponent is yourself. Rather than wanting to win the world championships, they wanted to become better than who they already were. They are the “Superhero Martial Arts Group.”

The word “superhero” contains a special meaning. A so-called “superhero” is someone who does things repeatedly and endlessly. If you do something one hundred times, you’ll see a visible result; if you do it one thousand times, it will become presentable; if you do it ten thousand times, it will become an ability that is freely used. Therefore, for the people who do things repeatedly, nothing is impossible. taekwondo is like this; life is also like this. The martial arts group members conceived this kind of mindset, and continuously take action to develop themselves in their everyday lives.

The martial arts group members hold monthly practices on a regular basis. These practices include kicks, blocks, punches, strikes, martial arts forms, postures, and anaerobic and aerobic workouts.  Furthermore, a new mentality is demonstrated through this new format of martial arts performance art, which combines martial arts and artistic elements.