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Ready for University?
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Reported by Eastern Daily News

Cultivate Independent Thinking, Free Individual Values_ [Eastern Daily News]

May 18, 2015

To encourage cultivation of individual thinking for youngster so as to further push forward the country’s advancement and reformation, Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) hosted a lecture called “Ready for University?” at Hualien China Youth Corps Hostel yesterday. Lecturer Ming-shun Cheng, who gives college speaking tours in Taiwan, proposes innovative ideas and habits which can lead to success. “Young people have the power to influence the world," Cheng pointed out, “as long as they uncover and excel their individual values. Everyone can become a true hero.”

Cheng further stated, “The times test the youth; the youth creates the times.” The intellectuals often play an important role in the growing progress of a country. They possess a strong sense of humanistic concern and are the nation’s advocates on standing up to the injustice done to their country and people. They are also an important force on social and economic developments. In Europe and in the States, the amount of education or college attendance has become an important reference to determine a nation’s strength. Thus, youngsters have been given a sacred and great mission.

CGM looks forward to helping youngsters to rebuild self-confidence and establish correct values in order to face the challenges that come from international competition. By hosting speeches about how to succeed in college, CGM hopes to help youngsters get rid of the “fast food” type of mindset and be more prepared with a renewed mindset for the upcoming semester in university.

“Ready for University?” has drawn an attendance of up to a hundred students. The lecture started off with a series of ice-breakers so that they could get to know each other. For the junior and high school students who looked forward to attending college, the lecture was easy to understand. It also inspired them to seize the moment and prepare for the future in advance.

Event URL: from Eastern Daily News, reported by Kuei-jen Pan