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A local church of Christian Gospel Mission, Taiwan (CGM) held the 3rd beach cleanup event.
A hundred youngsters and students heartily take part in the beach cleanup event.
Earnest volunteers engage in the event regardless of the 340 C heat under the sun.

“Let’s Clean Up the Beach!” CGM Partners With Let’s Do It Foundation to Put Loving the Earth into Practice_ [CNA News]

June 15, 2017

The 3rd beach cleanup event held by a local church of Christian Gospel Mission, Taiwan (CGM) drew a crowd of nearly one hundred participating volunteers. Among them, 36 were junior and senior high school students, and the youngest was a 7th grader. With their deep love for this land, regardless of the 34 0 Celsius heat, these young bloods brought their youth into full play under the scorching sun. In contrast to previous beach cleanup events, this year, CGM worked with Let’s Do It Foundation along with university student clubs, showcasing that its new image is in line with international conventions, while simultaneously revealing the determination of the caring students in Kaohsiung!

To start off the event, Pastor Ying-ju Liao shared her thoughts about the true spirit of volunteer. She said it should lie in the selfless acts that stem from a good heart. She stated, “Pastor Jung Myung Seok, the founder and president of CGM once held an event at Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia. Picking up on how pitch-black the ocean water had turned and how much rubbish the seashore had been littered with just before he was about to deliver his speech in suit and tie, he promptly headed back to his residence and got dressed in his gym clothes with an intention to clear the garbage on the shore. When seeing this, the event participants all started cleaning up the beach together with Pastor Jung Myung Seok. They kept doing this for 7 days and then it turned out a miraculous result: the ocean water began to turn clear, the surroundings became tidy, and the whole event went even more smoothly. It is the so-called volunteer spirit that you take action following your good heart instead of seeking something in return. Moreover, it is about caring for our beloved land with the heart of taking ownership of it.”

The beach cleanup event officially took place at 4 Qining Beach. Under the scorching sun with a temperature of nearly 34 0 Celsius, all the volunteers enthusiastically implemented their passion and love for the environment. They worked hard together to clear the dead branches and garbage off the beach, which also served as a cozy natural spot where they could enjoy themselves with field games and a beach concert afterwards. With everyone indulging in singing, laughing, and the breathtaking sunset, and while fully taking in God’s beautiful creation, the beach cleanup event was a proven success.

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