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Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean softball players
Christian Gospel Mission's volunteers teamed up with Let’s Do It! this year
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Players Replace Their Bats With Garbage Clippers!
Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean Softball Players Team Up With Let’s Do It! to Clean Up the Dahan River

March 28, 2017

On a rainy weekend morning, a group of young softball players are warming up on the Sanying softball field, despite the bad weather. But wait, why are they walking along the river, carrying trash bags and garbage clippers? It was the day of the 2017 Taiwan National CGM Spring Season Softball Game, and Christian Gospel Mission, Taiwan (CGM) had invited eight CGM softball teams from Korea and Japan to a softball match. Additionally, the CGM Volunteers, who are Taiwan’s representatives of the Let’s Do It Foundation, also invited the softball players to clean up the Dahan River, thus allowing the players to mingle not only during sports, but also through the event of riverside cleaning. By taking action to tidy up our surroundings, we were able to interact anew with the land beneath us and improve our living environment.

Let’s Do It Foundation is a world-famous environmental protection organization that is devoted to cleaning and maintaining the environment. From 2008 until now, 113 countries have joined, with each country only having one group of representatives. Starting this year, CGM Volunteers has also successfully joined Let’s Do It! and has become the representative body for Taiwan. CGM Volunteers has also asked the foundation to change the country’s name from “A Province of China” to “Taiwan,” establishing Taiwan as a country once again internationally.

The Director of CGM Volunteers, Mi-sang Tang, said, "The process of applying to join Let’s Do It! World has given me a sense of accomplishment: allowing the world to see the efforts of Taiwan. In the future, we will carry forward with the teaching of CGM’s founder, Jung Myung Seok, which is that ‘God has given us precious land that is like valuable artwork, so we should cherish and treat our environment well no matter where we are.’ In the future, we intend to recruit more young people. Together, we hope to promote volunteer work in environmental clean-up so that Taiwan can have a friendly living environment.

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