Love Earth

Work that one- to forty-year-olds can do together.
Organize the beach; organize the heart.
"Every inch of land created by God should be treated as His Holy Temple" - the teaching of Pastor Jung Myung Seok

Beach Cleanup for a Better and Beautiful World

September 08, 2014

On Sept. 8, 2014, taking advantage of the Moon Festival, Christian Gospel Mission’s Moon Church drove to Baishawan Beach on a Sunday afternoon. More than 50 men and women, ranging from one to forty years old, took part in this beach cleanup. This time, unlike the past when we simply played in the water, we latched onto the summertime to fulfill a new idea -- beach cleanup.

Jung Myung Seok, the founder of Christian Gospel Mission, always cleans up and organizes his surroundings first no matter where he goes. He once said, “Every inch of land created by God should be treated as His Holy Temple.” With utmost sincerity, he views the land in this way. He puts in all his effort in cleaning everything. With the same mindset, we set foot on Baishawan Beach. 

Picking up our trash grabbers and opening up the garbage bags, everyone wholeheartedly bent down to pick up garbage. Along the seashore, there was no lack of driftwood, cigarette butts, abandoned plastic products, and even harmful glass shards. However, we continued to pick up the garbage with a smile on our faces, knowing that just as we clean up the beach, we should also clean up our hearts. Having the same goal allowed us to unify further and exhibit a situation like that of heaven on earth.

The idea for this beach cleanup was to allow us to practice the mindset of Pastor Jung Myung Seok through taking action in reality. Through that we gained a deeper understanding of beach cleanups, while also enjoying the Moon Festival with the Lord.