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Teamwork in beach cleanup

Peace and Love Beach Cleanup Event

September 14, 2013

Under the September sun, in the passionate Kaohsiung City, the “Peace and Love” beach cleanup event - an event initiated by students from church - was originally an event started by one school. However, after more and more people responded, it quickly expanded to an event where the entire church, multiple schools and countless youth participated in.

As the typhoon had just passed, originally it was thought that the beach would be littered with driftwood and garbage. But surprisingly, it was not as messy as expected. As it turns out, there were already bags of gathered wood branches onshore. However, during the process, it was sad to find wine bottle shards, firecracker remains, numerous cigarette butts and even injection needles and other garbage on the beach. We thought over and over in our hearts, “Do the people who are responsible for this garbage not consider the fact that there may be many children and seniors who run along the beach barefoot?”

People act according to what they think in their hearts. The garbage that is left behind is like a record of the heart. This beach that God created was damaged due to the ignorance of human beings; in the end, human beings will also receive harm due to their own sins. No matter how big the earth is, it is ultimately one body. Therefore we pray for this land, for ourselves and repent for the sins of others. We sincerely hope that people can be cleaner spiritually, become the Lord’s brides and so give off the fragrance of the Lord. Through this, we hope that because of this change in people, this land can return to its original beauty at the dawn of creation.

After the entire event, because they had participated in the beach cleanup, the new friends felt a different sense of Jesus’ mentality. The guys formed a line from the shoreline to the beach (berm) and passed the dead branches and garbage along in relay fashion. When everything was completed in this way, a unified and harmonious ideal world of heaven on earth was demonstrated in that time and space.


Qijin Dist. Kaohsiung City Special Report