Love Children

The Milky Way Arts Camp: Discovering the Unique Individualities of Children

March 15, 2017

This winter break, Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) hosted the Milky Way Arts Camp, with 38 children participating over a span of three days. We looked forward to this opportunity, where the children could be enlightened by the arts, while exploring their hidden talents.

The morning consisted of courses on arts and faith, followed by afternoon activities divided into boys’ and girls’ cheerleading, art creation workshops, worship dance, and Hip-hop sessions. The Arts teacher who led the lessons used intriguing, interactive methods with the children to unravel the key concepts and enlightenments that Pastor Jung Myung Seok gained from God that were hidden in his artwork. Pre-pastor Jung, the Director of the CGM Arts Department, taught the children: “Man himself is a valuable artwork. God created humans with different characteristics and coordinated each trait into one body. This is the perfect masterpiece from Heaven.” He hoped that the children would realize that they themselves are the most ideal heavenly creations.

The course curriculum was purposely designed to prevent children from choosing their own lessons. Therefore, during registration, many parents inquired: “My kids don’t like this one; can they select a different course?” We kept encouraging parents to let go and allow their children to challenge themselves to a new level. This is because most children will only require a moderate amount of encouragement and a joyful learning atmosphere in order to accomplish what will surpass our imagination.

On the last day of camp when everyone's achievements were showcased, one child who initially did not like cheerleading, became the most radiant star on the stage. Other parents witnessed a reserved shy kid becoming more confident and even making many new friends. Besides thanking the parents for their support, we also have to be grateful for the guidance of God for the positive transformation of these children.