Love Children

Parent-Child Sports Day: Parents and Children Hand in Hand

March 15, 2017

Earlier this year, the Christian Gospel Mission organized a parent-child sports event. In addition to soccer, volleyball, and basketball competitions, there was also a special Milky Way soccer tournament allowing the children to play and interact, and a parent-child relay race.

Although it was still raining the day before the event, the weather became splendid with sunshine on the actual day of the sports event. The rain from the previous day, rather, made the air clean and fresh, and more suitable for outdoors activities. The day was greeted by the warm morning sun leading into the soccer and basketball tournaments. Even though there was an age difference between the parents, they still actively engaged in soccer in a harmonious way. The opening ceremony performance consisted of the Milky Way Orchestra giving glory to God, followed by the Mothers’ Volleyball Tournament. The mothers who are normally busy attending to their children, now had the opportunity to actively display their previously acquired volleyball skills and to compete with one another.

In the afternoon, the events continued with the soccer competition and Milky Way soccer tournament. The climax of the day was the parent-child relay race. Some parents were running with their children, while other young fathers were running carrying their infants. At the end, everybody reluctantly said goodbye and called out to God at the closing ceremony, promising to meet again next year and give glory to God through sporting activities.