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Summer Enhancement Camp for Primary Students

August 16, 2014

July to August is an important summer vacation period for children. Teachers in church want to guide the children to develop good habits through the camp before their commencement in Primary studies. Thus, the teachers had been thinking about the enhancement camp for them since May. As a result, there were three teachers in church who kept praying for the growth of the kids with morning prayers in June and continued with conditional prayers in July. We started a two-week camp on 18th August.

Teachers in the camp were professional visual art teachers who have their own studios, and additionally, bakery teachers had spared their vacations to prepare ingredients for teaching the flower-pot cupcakes. Seeing the children’s eagerness to join the creative arts, sports and reading classes in the camp, the teaching team tasted the joy resulting from their efforts. Throughout the process, God led each participant, and accompanied the children as they developed and grew; for this, the teachers expressed their deep, deep gratitude to God.