Love Arts

Taiwan’s Song Festival Finals

March 15, 2017

After three and a half months, the Myung Song Festival singing contest held by Christian Gospel Mission churches since last November has finally reached the final stage of the competition.
Besides evaluating the singer’s technical abilities, the ability to emote one's heart of praising God was also highly evaluated.

One contestant who was preparing to sing a particular song, suddenly created a different song by receiving inspiration during overnight prayer, just three days before the competition. Within those three days, this contestant practiced non-stop with his singing partner, while also consulting with their keyboard player. On the day of the finals, everyone, including the judges, testified that even though they didn’t know how to sing the song, they were all deeply moved by the music and the demonstrated teamwork. The song itself and the way it was sung was unique. The contestant also testified that the song wasn’t something he could have created on his own.

There wasn’t a vacant seat in the house on the last day of the competition. It ended perfectly with the sound of earnest praises and various art performances, giving glory to God.