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It is majestic, refreshing, and beautiful harmony that pours down relentlessly like a waterfall.
Due to the difference of ‘quality and composition of thoughts’, people will not be able to live together because will appear through ‘words’ or ‘actions’ and cause conflict

Proverbs Art Exhibition — Speaking God’s Word With Art

December 13, 2016

This summer, Christian Gospel Mission (CGM) held a Proverbs Exhibition, attracting the attendance of more than four hundred new friends. Unlike previous exhibitions, this Proverbs Art Exhibition did not only base its direction on Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s teachings of “harmony founded on God’s love,” but was also curated according to Pastor Jung’s arrangement as well, thereby receiving the praise of many visitors.

The exhibition was divided into four pavilions. The theme of the first pavilion was “The Reason for Disharmony.” The theme of the second was “Examples of Discord.” The theme of the third was “The Result of Discord and the Need for Reconciliation.” The theme of the fourth—and last—pavilion was “Reaching Reconciliation.” The core of the exhibition was the hope of attaining God’s Will of harmony. The exhibition concluded with the artwork, “Understanding is Blessing,” which conveys the message, “The practice of actualizing the Word in daily life is the life that receives blessings.”

The process of organizing proverbs is a challenge whether it be for individuals or teams. Joan of the Art Department had just changed jobs, so she was adapting to her new working environment while curating the many aspects of the exhibition. For this exhibition, she exhibited her art piece with the proverb, “Send forth lights like a rainbow of many colors. Then you will live a marvelous life as many things come through harmony,” as its theme. In the process, there may be fatigue like a candle being lit from both ends. But think about the promise God made with man—symbolized through a rainbow. As long as we do it with the Lord, then even if it seems difficult at the moment, the strength to persevere until the end will gush out once more!

Creative Inspiration: “It is majestic, refreshing, and beautiful harmony that pours down relentlessly like a waterfall.”—Sermon Excerpt


Artist: Molly Wei

Materials Used:  String, Beads, Acrylic

Creative Principle/Concept: Since you are the protagonist of harmony, why don’t you take a picture with this waterfall and complete this piece? In [my] dream, a person appeared and drew two mountains and an eagle with a brush. When inspiration came in, a waterfall flowed from between the two mountains and formed this art piece. The twenty different kinds of string that make up this harmonious waterfall signifies that, even though each person possesses different characteristics, the heart is comfortable and happy when they all come together.

Creative Inspiration: “Between people too, if the ‘quality and composition of their thoughts’ are different, they will clash because the waves of their thoughts are different, and they will not be able to live together because <how they think> will appear through ‘words’ or ‘actions’ and cause conflict.” - Proverb


Artist: Sean Lin

Materials Used: 3D Print, 3Ds Max, Unity

Creative Principle/Concept: Viewers can throw an unlimited number of iron balls into the screen from a hole at the top of the screen. Different forms of artwork specific to each viewer are produced depending on how many balls the viewers throw in and the differences in the time that they throw them. The iron balls pass through different channels to produce different colors. But contrast and conflict arise because of the different colours, resulting in the inability to co-exist. In this way, though we are all people, we have different quality of thoughts because of our different life experiences. Due to our differences in thoughts, we often collide with one another, and thus cannot live together.