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Drama (the future men, who are from the same time period as Wolverine, came to the present age to stop Wolverine from changing history)
Drama: Wolverine in China
The gift of love.

Christmas Special: Commemorating the Advent of the Holy Son, Part of the Trinity

December 20, 2014

A time traveling drama, produced, directed (visually and musically), and narrated by the pastor, focused on an immortal Wolverine who travels back to the time of Jesus from the present time during the era of the Second Coming. Content-rich and humorous, the drama presents the First and Second Coming of the Holy Son.  


Christmas is the day to commemorate the advent of the Holy Son, who is a part of the Trinity, and a day to give glory to God. Starting with a simple conversation between a Sunday school teacher and little children, the true meaning of Christmas is explained and conveyed: “For the sake of salvation history, the Almighty Holy Son chose the human being, Jesus, as His body, and from that day on, with Jesus the Messiah, the Holy Son started the two thousand year gospel history on the earth.” Therefore, Christmas should be a time of giving glory to the Origin of Heaven - the Trinity. The main theme is “giving thanks through dance and offering it up as a gift to God.”


“Christmas Special” by Christian Gospel Mission’s Lord’s Word Church

Taking you on a tour of each church; see and feel anew the meaning of Christmas.