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Christmas activity: Worship
Christmas activity: Prince (leading role) and the messenger with three maidens
Christmas group photo

Christmas Special: Re-instating the Important Message of Christmas - True Love

December 20, 2014

The church prepared a stage drama for the Christmas event, and each team dedicated themselves in practicing and praying for the event. United as one, the event’s head director, vice-director, art director and admin director offered prayers together. This Christmas event started with a humorous and interesting broadcast style. By interacting with the audiences through power point slides, the hosts, Sen and Tsia, guided them to think about the real meaning of Christmas, and to recover the important Christmas message: true love. This story describes the Heavenly prince’s deep love towards the earth, and the joy of people, who renewed their lives after meeting the Lord. With this story, the church hopes that the Lord’s blessings of this time period can reach out to each precious life in the audience.


“Christmas Special” by CGM’s Wish Church

Come to the church to rethink and recall the meaning of Christmas.