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Christmas Special: Giving Glory to Creator God According to Individualizes Individuality

December 20, 2014

In memory of the birth of Jesus, who became the Holy Son’s body 2000 years ago, and in order to offer thanksgiving and glory to the Holy Trinity who had sent the Holy Son to the earth to carry out the salvation history, the church invited many new friends to join their Christmas gathering at the church. The event’s program was divided by each department, which everyone gave glory to the Creator God according to their individualities. There were live band performances, fashion shows, hot energetic and fiery dance performances, and  by the Blessed Family department’s Iron Fan Glory performance, and cute Milky Way’s choir. At the end, everyone exchanged gifts, and from little kids or to grown-ups, everyone received the gifts they needed according to God’s blessings.


“Christmas Special” by CGM’s Lord Priority Church

Come to the church to rethink and recall the meaning of Christmas.