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“Hero” will perform today at the National Taiwan University of Arts.
Bath-In-Light in rehearsal.

Bath-In-Light Experimental Theater Performs at National Taiwan University of Arts_ [United Daily News]

December 06, 2014

After more than four months of preparation for the year end original musical “Hero”, Bath-In-Light Experimental Theater will be performing today at 2:30 pm. It will be held at the Performance Hall in National Taiwan University of Arts, which is located at Daguan Road, Banqiao District in New Taipei City.

Since August of this year, art director Wan-yu Hsiao led the Bath-In-Light’s administrative team to prepare what was needed for the musical. From auditioning actors to recruiting technicians and training, she did everything with the goal of presenting a perfect performance to the audience.

“Hero” is based on a true story that happened during the Vietnam War. The plot is intricate and moving. Faced with life and death on a daily basis, the protagonist deeply realizes the cruelty and ruthlessness of war. However, because he has a reason why he must step onto the battlefield, he slings his gun on his back and marches towards the unknown future.

One of the focal points of “Hero” is the original score that permeates throughout the musical. The title track, “Love of the Creator,” composed by Chueh Chang and tailor-made for this musical, illustrates the deep realizations the protagonist has towards the battlefield. Currently, the song is released on the Bath-In-Light’s fan page and is available for streaming.


Event organizer: CGM’s Fourth of Northern District

Event URL: from United Daily News, reported by Wen-pao Yu