Founder’s Biography: Jung Myung Seok

Founder’s Biography - Life of Training

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Learn from me, and become the Teacher of teachers who teaches teachers

At times, Pastor Jung would pray in the mountains from the beginning of summer until the end of winter. Only then would he finally come down from the mountains. During this period of training, in order to deeply realize the contents of the Bible, he would often restrain from eating and drinking for days (or even months) and only concentrate on prayer. When he finally realized God’s heart and grief over unfulfilled love and His deep sorrow and pain, Pastor Jung shed uncontrollable tears. Even after one week, his tears would not stop.

In 1966, he entered the White Horse Troops (Korean military), and fought in the Vietnam War for three years. Pastor Jung always carried a Bible with him to read whenever he had a break; he also recorded the voices and inspirations from Heaven. Although he experienced dozens of life and death situations, he miraculously survived because of the Lord’s protection. After witnessing and experiencing the horrors of war, he realized even more clearly how precious life is.

After returning to Korea, he continued his life of training. During this period, he underwent forty days of fasting prayer and seventy days of minimal eating prayer. He read the Bible over a thousand times - to the point the pages of the Bible wore out. He endured extreme temperatures of freezing cold and blistering heat in order to continuously learn about the sealed Scriptures and truths in the Bible. He also endured the pain of sleeplessness, hunger and loneliness. Even when tears and pain covered his path ahead, he overcame everything with his passionate love for the Lord. In this way, he lived his life of training for more than twenty long years in the cold wind and snow.

The Lord showed Pastor Jung Myung Seok various parts of the spiritual world throughout his life of training: the numerous places in Heaven and Hell. Jung experienced the agonizing, chest-beating, and feet-stomping regret that people go through after living a life of emptiness from not understanding their spirits and the eternal world. The Lord told him, “Learn from me, and become the Teacher of teachers who teaches teachers.”