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Let’s Do It Foundation gathered 150 countries around the world to clean up the environment today and conducted a 24-hour relay live stream. It is a worldwide popular civic movement, which Taiwan also
Zealous volunteers braved the rain in Qijin and supported the “Let’s do it!” civic movement
Volunteers from Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation also supported the “Let’s do it!” civic movement.

24-Hour Live Stream Across the World: Cleaning Qijin Streets on World Cleanup Day

September 15, 2018

“How can I live with you forever, Earth?” September 15 was World Cleanup Day. Let’s Do It Foundation (LDI) international headquarters gathered 150 countries around the world to participate in environmental cleanup while conducting a 24-hour relay live stream. Let’s do it! Taiwan, Christian Gospel Mission (CGM), Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation, and Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government, totaling 300 volunteers, went deep into the Qijin community of Kaohsiung to collect roadside waste. Whether they were junior and senior high students, career professionals, or even disabled individuals, all joined forces to protect the ecosystem.

Let’s do it! Taiwan indicated that World Cleanup Day received much support and positive responses from a number of social groups, including Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation and disabled individuals. Taiwan also became the first out of 150 countries to have the disabled participate in the World Cleanup Day. The Kaohsiung branch of the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation expressed that it was really meaningful to them that the disabled were able to join this communal cleanup. Even though these were physically and mentally disabled people, yet they still hoped to make the greatest effort for the environment. Haoyuan Zheng, spokesperson of the Christian Gospel Mission's Lord Eternity Church, mentioned that the CGM’s founder, Jung Myung Seok, considers cleaning up the environment as cleaning the heart. Upholding this philosophy, he urges everyone to start with changing their thoughts and take action to make the environment tidy and clean.

Chin-Hai Wang took his family of four to join the cleanup. He said that there were lots of garbage problems and believes that problems which were caused by people should be resolved by people. He hopes that through this event, his 7-year-old and 4-year-old sons can understand that “everyone is like one body,” and that we should care about the environment starting at a young age, then we can help others in the future. A freshman from Kaohsiung Girl’s Senior High School, Shin-Yi Huang, joined this eco-friendly activity for the first time. Studying humanities and social science, she usually pays attention to social issues.
Today, the garbage she picked up most was bottle caps, which at times, she had to brush away leaves in order to clean. Since she frequently eats out, she usually reuses the same plastic bag to avoid excessive use of plastic bags. She hopes to invite more classmates to participate in these kinds of activities in the future.

Bao-Hong Chen, who traveled south from Taichung recalls watching an online video a few years ago, which showed a plastic straw being pulled out of a sea turtle’s nostril—a scene which broke his heart. He also joined forces to protect the ecosystem through daily living habits as well as participating in eco-friendly activities. He mentioned that in the past, he usually sees volunteers from his age group or elderly volunteers at environmental protection events, but today’s event completely changed his perspective since there were many junior and high school students, much to his surprise. Seeing so many passionate youths participating gave him much hope.

Let’s do it! Foundation, a civic-led mass movement that began in Estonia in 2008, now has nearly 120 countries participating. This year, the representative team of Taiwan officially established “LDI, Taiwan” to protect Taiwan’s environment. They hope to take practical actions to address and resolve the issues of ocean waste and pollution through the promotion of actual cleanup activities and environmental protection education. Besides coastal cleanup, they will continue to promote cleanup activities such as “Clean Community” and “Clean School.”

Reported by JI SYONG-SHIH from Great News, Kaohsiung