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Lightian’s Notes
Hi Bla

The New Generation Art Exhibition

January 27, 2017

The New Era’s Proverb Illustration is an art exhibition collaboratively organized and displaying the talents of over ten young artists. Using their artistic expertise through the tip of a brush, these illustrators hoped to convey in a unique manner, proverbs taught by Pastor Jung Myung Seok that were learned from God.

▲ Lightian’s Notes

Proverb Excerpt: Building roads and fixing your inner heart are not easy tasks. During the process of building roads, you will encounter rocks and difficult paths. But, you have to persist until the end in order to pass through. However, there are far too many people who “stop when only halfway done.”

Creator’s concept: For a variety of reasons tightly sealing the door to your heart, allow Sharon and Ah Fu to open it for you! They have not given up, so you must not give up either!

Artist’s comments: This exhibition artwork was especially designed for young children in the format of a “children’s picture book.” The guinea pig and small squirrel within the book, although having different characteristics and lifestyles, are still precious lives loved by God. We hope that through their stories, you can feel God’s love.

▲Hi Bla

Proverb Excerpt: Peace in Heaven, Glory on Earth.

Artist’s comments: (Bla) is a fictional character I created in China. He is a white cube-shaped emotionless alien who is capable of freely metamorphosing as he pleases. He originally wanted to conquer the Earth, however, he discovered that Earthlings were too negative and would be difficult to manage after he conquered them. So he decided to help the people instead, by adding a little positive energy in the midst of their monotony. He is unique in being expressionless, therefore his thoughts are only conveyed through his actions. This is similar to the current young generation. Others don’t know what we’re thinking and misjudge us. In actuality, we are very gentle and adorable.